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Just returned from a nice evening with a friend, have to write this down. Mostly for me. So I went to meet an ex intern of our firm. After her studies, she now works for some outfit trying to get her feet on the ground. It’s always nice to meet her, we do this every […]

Warum ist das Auswärts-Trikot der Nationalmannschaft grün?

Nein, nicht wegen 1974. Sondern weil der Islam zu Deutschland gehört. Gerüchten zu Folge wurden die Auswärtstrikots von Gaddafi gesponsert, als er noch am Leben war. Im Fanshop gibt es auch zu jedem Trikot das grüne Buch (nun rabattiert). 

A quick guide to check if you’re going down the drain

One word. IKEA. Yes. IKEA. IKEA was invented to give the inspiring middle class a chance to buy modern, nice looking, designed pieces of furniture (and later, also junk – IKEA makes a huge percentage of its revenue from tea candles and other crazy shit. The greatest pleasure of any IKEA visit is always the […]

Hey, Schlecker Kids!

I know, I know. You grew up in Ehingen. I drove through this place when I was shipping disabled kids to a rehab site. Ehingen is like a death camp prison for intellectuals like you. But still? Is it really true you guys earned 40m EUR by running a labour leasing outfit? So it was […]

Greece 2

Another great way to help Greece would be to setup a scheme where any person in the US who wants to get rid of his (surplus) guns could donate them (for free) to a weapons-for-food charity. The money raised could be spend to buy food in the US and ship it to Greece. The charity […]


  After watching a Greece docu on Phoenix, one of my most favourite TV channels. We should help the poor people of Greece – the middle class, the hungry children, the labourers, the downtrodden, the betrayed by their political masters. Here’s a good way to do this: Norddeutschland hilft Griechenland is a citizen’s initiative, sending […]