Monthly Archives: July 2012

Supermarkt im Bahnhof Friedrichstraße

Der Supermarkt ist ein schwarzes Loch des menschlichen Abstiegs, der Verzweiflung. Flaschensammelnde Arbeitslose, Gestörte, Touristen. Wer da nach nem Notkauf nicht depressiv rausgeht, ist ein echter Sonnenschein. Das ist auch der einzige Supermarkt den ich kenne, wo es genausoviele Wachleute gibt wie Kassiererinnen. Wenn die sich paaren, kommen lauter kleine fiese Geldeintreiber raus. Advertisements

Interpretation of an IKEA poster

  This picture was taken at a friend’s place. For the casual observer, it depicts a nice, slightly artsy, food scene which everyone of a more simple-minded nature would gladly hang up in his kitchen: “Has food in it! Looks artsy! Fits in the kitchen!” Now for me, the picture looks more complicated. My first […]

Suggestion for a Themed Hotel (in Berlin?)

During this weekend’s motorcycle trip to the Baltic Sea, we slept in two hotels en route. The second one especially aroused our phantasies. The hotel was in a maritime stlye, lots of blue and white painting and lightly coloured wooden panels. Nicely kept, and tidy. However the manager / owner who greeted us upon our […]

A business case for really terrible mobile phones?

I have an iPhone. My kids use it to play Angry Birds, and some other nice games. Also, they call their mother or sister. I always marvel how the kids are able to handle the phone so easily – the whole idea of touching and swiping comes very natural to them. Today, my seven year […]

Sharing the past

When I grew up, my grandmother used to cook and bake. My mother too, of course, but my grandma was a superior chef. Homemade stuff, back in the old days. I remember many things – the great Vesper she put together, or her most famous Braten. The best thing about it – she did everything […]

Raum und Zeit – Explorations into Space

Okay, first of all, good news for everyone who’s scared about space. Black holes, dark matter, alien overlords, meteorites, colliding galaxies. Space, dear readers, is nothing to be afraid of! On the contrary, as I’ve been told by my youngest daughter, it’s a beautiful thing! See, space is something where the dark holes, actually, are […]