Monthly Archives: August 2012

Suggestions needed for a reply

    Okay, my local food store, the “Kiezmarkt”. It’s either empty or packed with people, half of them god damned tourists. It’s hot, unpleasant, the “alleys” turn you into a claustrophobic nutcase, the variety of stuff is limited. It’s also the closest to my place. At the cashier, you get three options: a) the […]

More about IKEA

I just read in the news that IKEA wants to setup a chain of hotels, very rapidly. “Why would they want to enter this market?”, I wondered. “Are they so bored just making money?”. Ah no, far from it. The cold, humour-less Swedes, pale and blond, red-cheeked with bad teeth, hunched over a deck of […]

To two women

You share a common trait. Two letters you have in common. The first, you go like this:Repellant, Indignant, Atrocious.  The second, you go like this:Lustful, Loveable, Occidental, Ravenous, Youthful. You, the first, are grey and barren stone.  You, the second, are morning’s bliss and glory.   


                          To my Beloved   How do you this?How do you this, to me?  When you are gone, I miss you.  Dearly.You are gone.  Far away, onto distant shores. A far away life awaits, distant from me.  I see an emerald sea, off the […]

To the car thieves…

…who stole my car today. I promise: my next car will be equipped with GPS equipment to track the car after you stole it. I will happily shell out the EUR 200 required for the equipment. Once you stole it, the device will alert me of your hideous act. I will commence the pursuit. In […]