Napkins of Berlin

We went to Rewe the other day and I was finally able to get some napkins. I decided for the cheap brand and picked two packs in red and yellow. When home, my love unpacked them and folded them into the napkin holder in interchanging patterns, creating an intricate and interwoven fabric of shining light summer.  


After we finished dinner tonight, it was time to restack the holder. I picked two of each color and put them into the holder, just to notice the easily recognizable difference between her and my stash. Defeated, I went into the kitchen and picked up another beer. I then thought, ‘Will I be able to live with this defeat, this sense of being unable, under achieving?’. This was the time to learn something new. I went to the holder, unpacked the stash, examined the folding, refolded my napkins, and put everything back into the holder.  


I succeeded. I learned something.    



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