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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

I just posted a complaint on Facebook on iTunes messed up customer experience – when you get an iTunes giftcard (as a birthday present eg), you have to manually scratch off the damned individual code, and enter the complex combination of digits and letters on the iTunes store site. Why can’t they have an app […]

I just posted something on Facebook: “Wort des Tages: Fabelhaft” And my love asked: “What’s the meaning of Fabelhaft?” I feebly replied: “Marvellous (?)” Ha. Fabelhaft, that’s more. Much more. It’s an oldish german word – meant for something truly special. It can be a thing, a person, a situation. Consider this: Paul, my son, […]

These are very interesting times for me. I have discovered that in my line of business, compassion and empathy really pay off sometimes. I think I have always kinda hated the attitude which said, “Be professional, serve your client, and don’t you feel a thing about it”. Together with a colleague, I just solved an […]

I just had a very nice evening with my kids. We first went to Alex to buy a card game (they didn’t have the one we wanted, but we got another my daughter knew and recommended). So after returning home, we had dinner, talked, and then sat down to play cards. The game was about […]

Okay, yesterday¬†a few weeks ago I was on an evening flight from Dusseldorf to Berlin. As it happened, they had to change the plane as the one originally scheduled had some defect, and another, smaller plane was pressed into service, to replace it. So, a couple of guys were thrown out of the flight, and […]